Support Wyoming's Coal Industry

Home to more than 1.4 trillion tons of coal resources, Wyoming is coal country. Nationally, 30 states across the United States receive Wyoming coal. This coal powers our nation. Coal mining companies pay taxes and royalties to federal, state and local governments. In 2014, coal contributed more than $1 Billon in taxes to Wyoming. Coal industry jobs are among the best paying jobs in the state and each coal industry position generates three additional jobs in the state.

In 2012, when the coal market was near its height, coal accounted for roughly 14% of Wyoming’s gross domestic product, 6% of its labor force and 11% of all government revenues in 2012, when the coal market was near its height.

Despite its abundance and affordability, Wyoming’s coal future is at stake. National leaders and local activists have waged a war on coal. The Environmental Protection Agency has taken action to reduce, if not entirely eliminate, use of coal-fired power plants.

Wyoming has felt its initial effect. Layoffs. Unemployed workers. Families wondering how they will pay mortgages. And this is just the beginning. More layoffs in related service industries. Local economies struggling. Education funding at risk. If you want Wyoming to stay strong, we need you to speak up.

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